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Manufacturing is a Process

When you design a product that has multi dimensions, it's not always as easy as stamping it out or CNC cutting it. As is the case with My Bottle Boss, we needed a strong material that could support a high torsional force and grip multiple bottle cap material types. A simple process wasn't going to work.

Casting stainless steel pieces was the process that we settled on to give us our unique design and meet our strength requirements. It's a very old technique with some very modern advancements.

To begin the process you need to create a wax mold, this initially might be a 3D printed wax model to test your design. To run larger batches you'll require a wax injection tool to rapidly produce enough units to build a ceramic tree for pouring molten metal into.


Next the wax tree is coated in a ceramic dip to create a shell to pour your molten metal in. This process is mostly completed by robots in the modern world, as it can be a tedious time consuming process.

Once the ceramic shell is complete, the tree of parts is put in the oven to melt the wax out. What remains is a hollow ceramic shell that is heated and ready for the pour!

Hot molten 316 stainless steel is then poured into our ceramic tree creating multiple Bottle Bosses. Next the shell cools and breaks off the tree. Now the parts are separated off the tree with a grinder and then sandblasted to remove remaining ceramic debris.

Now its time for us to powder coat our designs to provide color, smoothness and an additional protective layer. Some models are polished to a matted industrial finish.

Customization and designs are accomplished with our laser engraver. We have a few standard designs, but can add custom logos and engravings.

Lastly, we ship to you where our Bottle Boss is now your (My) Bottle Boss.